Monday, July 10, 2006

She's Got Tasmania In The Back Of Her Head

A mix for LZ (she of Loud Latin Laughing, a must-visit if you read actual books) because she did something illegal for me. The title comes from a Go-Betweens tune. These songs are a little more Talladega than Tasmania--sorry, LZ.

01. Livin' In The Sunlight, Laughin' In The Moonlight -- Tiny Tim
02. Burn The Honeysuckle -- The Gourds
03. Janine -- Birdmonster
04. Please Come Back -- Catfish Haven
05. NY Pie -- Brakes
06. Gravity's Gone -- Drive-By Truckers
07. An Old Familiar Scene -- Elf Power
08. Are Friends Electric? -- Chris Whitley & The Bastard Club
09. Lion Tamer -- Damien Jurado
10. House Fire -- Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
11. Wonderful Scar -- Now It's Overhead
12. The Fall -- Peter And The Wolf
13. Trailer Trash -- Iron Horse
14. Corazon -- Bishop Allen
15. Wilderness -- Shapes And Sizes
16. No One Likes A Bleeder -- Page France
17. There Is No Boon For Which We Do Not Render Service -- Drakkar Sauna
18. Steady As She Goes -- L'il Cap'n Travis
19. Bodies And Minds -- Great Lake Swimmers
20. Until I Slept -- The Strugglers
21. Going Back Song -- The Baptist Generals

Update: Links removed 7/29/06. Email me if you would like a copy.


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